Get to know us

Recommendr was founded as an HR. Different business models around recruitment have been constructed. Some led to funding, others to failure. The seat we had at our clients’ tables turned out to be an excellent foundation for building connections as a business partner. The conversation with our partners changed over the years from which vacancies they had to fill, to what we can do in order to improve their projects. We proceeded to help our partners take back control of their projects by improving processes. The common denominator; can an existing concept be easier, simpler and better?

We help our partners grow in various ways. Whether it is by expanding the head count, finding and contacting new clients, managing bids for government tenders or any other service that helps the company thrive. We deliver solutions for multiple sectors in recruitment, tender management and business development. We understand that every business is different. That’s why we don’t have a fixed acceleration plan. We rather have a tailor-made approach designed to the unique needs of the business and according to the stage it is currently in. We have built extensive experience across industries and we bring a fresh perspective to different challenges.Our core values drive everything we do. We are passionate about doing collaborative work, creating durable value for and with our partners. Not in a traditional B2B collaboration but as fellow entrepreneurs.